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D000 Dystopia Title Sequence In the twilight of the twenty-first century, the Earth has a population exceeding one billion. For many, the technological dreams of the past have become a reality that has emulsified industries, cultures and spiritual systems into a complex network of ...
Dystopia Movie Trailer Preview Dystopia is an imaginative entertainment experience which takes the audience on a high-energy adventure that unites the technology of the future with the rebellious passion of rock and roll.
Aurora Bluesealis Music Video Aurora Bluesealis is a jazz/blues music video instrumental single from james wunderlich ['wonder lick] on the orbital sound label.This mash-up video combines and utilizes educational material with mythological elements of Eskimo and Native American interpretations and beliefs concerning the aurora ...
Aiko Vendetta Aiko Vendetta. Think Flash Gordon meets Speed Racer with ninjas and ghost agents. An anime/manga style episodic action /adventure cartoon work in progress. This video update includes the full title sequence and first two scenes:
The Time Machine First Cut Orbital Sound Pictures animated film of the classic Well's novel. A work in progress featuring the title sequence and partial opening sequence first cut.
Sol Commander Title Sequence and bonus material Orbital Sound Pictures Sol Commander short form animated work in progress. Title sequence for Voyage of Discovery with included bonus footage: Approach To Mars.
Mercator Skydrive Flying Car Commercial Short animated flying car commercial from Global Motors featuring the Mercator Skydrive LS.

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