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SILENT DISCO - Fan Video We love when party-goers create something special when attending one of our silent disco parties! https://instagram.com/Jon.noel.mora & https://instagram.com/bchamero
Swtcycle Silent Fitness Class powered by Quiet Events. Swtcycle is using headphones to keep people safe while getting their workout. Everyone gets a pair of headphones to hear the instructor and music. Bikes are placed 6+ feet away from each. The systems don't need to be plugged in ...
2020 GLOWING LED Party Face Mask with 7 Modes for Men and Women with bright... Our Quiet Events LED Party Mask is sure to be the hit of the party. Check out how simple it is to switch between different colors and modes. Purchase at: https://quietevents.com/store
Quiet Events Outstanding 5 Star Review We do our best to ensure our clients get the best service regardless if it's a birthday party of 5 to a conference of thousands. Check out our services @ https://rentals.quietevents.com
LED Mask | Multi-color changing face masks for raves, parties, running, and more. Quiet Events LED Multi-color face masks are great for Silent Disco parties in which you want to look good and protect you and others around you.

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