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Tune Inwards How do you find the answers within? You can tune inwards to listen to the whispers of your soul.
Making 2018 Great! How was 2017 for you?
There are sometimes one or two events we define as our year, and can then carry that energy into the next year. It can be good or bad, awful or fantastic.
Whatever it was, you ...
Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training with Terry and LuAnn Soul Coaching® Master Practitioners and Trainers, Terry Bowen and LuAnn Cibik talk about what brought them to Soul Coaching® and their upcoming training at Lake Erie on June 30th - July 6th. For more information visit http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/soul-coaching-practitioner-training/
The Oracle Card Reading A demonstration on how I perform an Oracle Card Reading for you! For your own Oracle Card Reading, please visit me at http://www.terrybowen.co.uk

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