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ASHTANGA SELF PRACTICE with Zeena Kalisperides A regular early morning Ashtanga self-practice is a powerful, life-changing way of practicing yoga and an invigorating and grounding way to prepare body and mind for the challenges of the day.
In Ashtanga self-practice the asana (posture) practice sequence is ...
Csilla's Morning Flow Start your day with this quick, fantastic vinyasa flow sequence with Yoga West teacher Csilla. For classes at the studio go to www.yogawestlondon.com
Shireen Jilla on the Liforme yoga mat Shireen Jilla, founder of West London Mindfulness reviews the Liforme yoga mat.
Available at https://yogawestlondon.com/product/liforme-mat/
How to yoga: How to align Chaturanga Dandasana with Jeff Phenix at Yoga West In this short film Yoga West yoga teacher Jeff Phenix looks at a couple of the common problems that happen in Chaturanga and shares a couple of his tips on how you can improve you practice of this common yoga ...
What Yoga Is, Why You Should Start And How To Start At Yoga West A short film on what yoga is, why you should start and how to start at Yoga West
What Happens In A Gong Bath Watch an excerpt of a gong bath taken by leading gong master Leo Cosendai at Yoga West. For more information and to book future gong baths with Leo at
Yoga West go to https://bit.ly/2TD2rcw
Leo Cosendai is the author of ...
How To Release Tension In Your Back With Myofascial Release In this short clip Alice will show you how to release tension in your back using myofascial release techniques. Alice is hosting a myofascial release workshop at Yoga West on Saturday June 10. For more information about myofascial release and ...
The benefits of an Ashtanga yoga self-practice with Titi Titi discusses the benefits of a Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga self-practice

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