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Orcadian strip the willow with The Full Scottish ceilidh band The Full Scottish Ceilidh band playing for an Ocadian Strip the willow at the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club in Oct 2014.
Teannaich ceilidh band playing the Gay Gordons at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club Teannaich filmed at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club @ The Assembly Roxy Oct 2014
For more information of the weekly and monthly ceilidhs ran by Edinburgh Ceilidh Club. See: www.edinburghceilidhclub.com and www.facebook.com/edceilidh
Edinburgh Ceilidh Club - the Texas two step There was a group from Texas at the ceilidh and they did a Texas Two Step during the break of the ceilidh.
Edinburgh Ceilidh Club have been running weekly public ceilidhs in Edinburgh since 2005. For more information see: www.edinburghceilidhclub.com ...
Deoch n' Dorus playing for a Britannia two Step Deoch n' Dorus playing at the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club at Summerhall for the Britannia Two Step
Crazy dancing at the Picture House Some freestyle dancing going on at the Edinburgh Ceilidh club at the Picture House with Teannaich, Dec 2013

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