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Mutant Vinyl - Dread (Live @ Bobruisk Arena // Fan Footage) Edwin's arena performance of 'Dread', live at the Belarus International Festival of Popular Art.
Big up Arina for the footage & the Belarusian people for the unbelievable experience.
Little Edwin - Saxophone Practice Some rare footage of a tiny Edwin, rehearsing for a saxophone exam, around 2003.
*Please note his beloved Limp Bizkit cap, turned backwards once being filmed. Sadly this cap was lost in a mosh pit, when Edwin finally saw the ...
Mutant Vinyl x Trevor James - GoPro Meets Saxophone A GoPro was taped onto the front of Edwin's TJ sax, during a performance in Liverpool. This is the audio & video taken from the front of the sax, capturing the Mutant Vinyl live experience.
Tracks featured are 'Lavender' & ...

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