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Crossroads - Stuart McCure Stuart tells his true story of meeting his future wife - and the journey they went on together.
Spark London tells true stories several times a month across London, with special events including open mike and dinner parties. For more ...
The Possibilities are Endless - Julie Kertez Spark legend Julie Kertez explains how she made the leap from chemistry to computing... and started a career that would lead her to meet Steve Jobs.
For more stories, head to sparklondon.com
New York Story - Rachel Mars Rachel heads to New York and discovers lots about the toilets, which are apparently called 'restrooms'.
From Sept 2010 at the Canal Cafe Theatre, where the theme was 'Crossing The Line.'
Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, with media ...
I Want A Continuation - Michael O'Kelly All Michael wants is to get home, but he's got a problem with the bus driver. And it's about to get a bit nasty.
From June 2008 at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell.
Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, ...

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