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Ableton 9 Tutorial - FX In the last video in this series we take a look at FX in Ableton Live 9. For more info on our courses, visit www.subbassdj.com or call us on 0207 404 7080
Ableton 9 Tutorial - What's new in 9 - MIDI Next we look at new features for working with and creating MIDI parts, to take a subBass course visit www.subbassdj.com or call 0207 404 7080
Ableton Live 9 Tutorial - Audio to Midi In the 2nd of our Whats new in Ableton 9, we look at Audio to Midi and see how easy it is to record Audio into Ableton and then extract the Midi. This is an amazing new feature.... Check out ...
Ableton Live Tutorial - Whats New In Ableton Live 9 Take a look at what's new in the very latest version of Ableton, we will run through key updates from earlier versions. If you want to lear more then check out our Ableton courses at www.subbassdj.com
Ceri talks about being part of Subbass Meet Ceri DJ, Producer and a former Subbass student now working for us
Tutor John Taylor talks about DJ Complete at Subbass.mov DJ Complete is a 12 week course which will take you from the basics to advanced DJ skills
New courses at Subbass.mov Subbass director Graeme Lloyd talks about the new courses at Subbass including Advanced Ableton Techniques
Subbass students talk about the courses.mov Subbass students giving their feedback and impression of the music production courses
Logic 101 at Subbass.mov John Taylor talks about the Apple Logic 101 course at Subbass

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