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Tantra student Nicky shares some of her experiences at Tara ❤️ Tantra student Nicky shares some of her experiences at Tara ❤️
Our Tantra course opens from 30th September
• Only *£35* for the first 4 weeks to try ALL our courses and classes!
Come and join our growing community!
We asked this question to a bunch of people around London, and THIS happened... Do YOU know the answer??
Find out what it is for some of Tara's teachers, and discover how YOGA goes FAR deeper than ...
Tara Summer Retreat, Somerset 2018 The longest journey you can ever take is the one from the head to the heart
When experienced from the head, our existence seems random, incoherent and often confusing. We perceive ourselves as separate from everyone and everything else and ...
Learn the art of Tantric Massage at Tara At Tara we offer a comprehensive course in Tantric Massage, helping men and women to master this sacred art.
Tara Yoga Centre: Yoga & Tantra in the heart of London Tara Yoga Centre is a registered charity, dedicated to teaching yoga, tantra and spirituality in their pure and authentic form. Alongside physical techniques, our teachers offer a deep understanding and a practical approach that will help you to enrich each ...
Tara Yoga Centre - Angels and Archangels Week 2015 Thanks to Tim Wheater and Cherub Sanson for their appearance in the video and their ongoing support of Angels and Archangels Week.
Music by Aneloris Eternis -- Edited by Ben Carver -- Directed by Eleni & Ben Carver
You are ...
What is Tantra - Secrets of Intimacy Get ready for the second tantrafestival in the UK. But first take a few minutes to really understand - What is Tantra?
Rupert Sheldrake @ Tara Yoga Centre Dr Rupert Sheldrake talks about "The Science Delusion" at Tara Yoga Centre. A fascinating insight into the biased world of science, what might be and why we should question tradition. A must watch for anyone who wants to know the ...

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