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Why politics? Young Fabian members discuss why they are involved in politics at the Young Fabian and London Young Labour BAME Action conference 2016.
Martin Edobor "we must respond to the challenges of the 21st century" Dr Martin Edobor, National Chair of the Young Fabians outlines the scale of the policy challenges the Young Fabians face. Kirith Ahluwalia closes the ideas forum.
Kirith Ahluwalia on the importance of political engagement Kirith Ahluwalia, Vice-Chair of the Young Fabian International Network leads an ideas forum at the Young Fabians BAME Action Conference 2016.
5 Live Sunday Breakfast - Kyalo Burt Fulcher & Paul Richards on antisemitism in the... Kyalo Burt Fulcher (Young Fabians Regional Officer) & Paul Richards (Progress co-founder) discuss the upcoming local elections and the effects of antisemitism in the Labour Party
Kyalo Burt-Fulcher debates the living wage on Sky News The Young Fabian's Regional Outreach Officer, Kyalo Burt-Fulcher, appeared on Sky News to make the case for a living wage. He argues that, although the new National Living Wage is a positive step, it does not go nearly far enough. ...

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